So you get really good people who know Natalie... to do it.
— Robert Johnson, founder BET, in testimony to US Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Experience

As an entrepreneur and executive, Natalie has successfully secured nearly $20 million in corporate/philanthropic investments and government contracts for her organizations and has advised and mentored companies that have gone on to raise millions, gain acquisition or establish successful joint-ventures. 

Walker's Legacy

A digital platform for enterprising and professional multicultural women

Natalie serves as the Founder & CEO of Walker’s Legacy 

Walker’s Legacy is a digital platform for the professional and entrepreneurial multicultural woman designed to inspire, equip, and engage through thought-provoking content, educational programming and a global community.

The organization has been named by Inc Magazine as one of the ‘25 Companies Determined to See Women Succeed’. 

The organization has worked with a range of companies including: Google, Airbnb, IBM, HPE, Wells Fargo, Emily's List, Amalgamated Bank and the Minority Business Development Agency, among others. 

Natalie is the Founder & CEO of the Walker’s Legacy Foundation.   

Walker’s Legacy Foundation, funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Coca-Cola Foundation which was founded in 2016, is adjoined nonprofit arm of Walker's Legacy. 

The organization has helped to equip low-income women and girls through entrepreneurship and financial empowerment in more than four cities across the country.  Awarding more than $7,000 in micro-grants to women and girls.  

Walker's Legacy Foundation

Empowering low-income women through finance and business.


Urban Co-Lab

A social impact urban co-working space

Natalie previously served the founder of an Austin-based social impact missioned co-working space - Urban Co-Lab, which worked to transform a vacant property into a burgeoning center for community-based entrepreneurship and collaboration.  The location was in operation for three years. 

The organization went on to launch the first Startup Diversity Report for the City of Austin, tobecome the first neighborhood based location for NPR affiliate KUT, to launch the first East Austin community festival: Reclaim/Discover and to launch a community based merchant's association. 

The organization worked with notable clients and companies including SnapChat, Google and HPE, among other and where she produced the first $10,000 business pitch competition for creative entrepreneurs on behalf of EBONY Magazine

Urban Co-Lab was named among the best co-working spaces in the by Austin's Culture Map.

NMC Consulting Group

Natalie started her entrepreneurial experience as the founder of a government and nonprofit consulting company NMC Consulting Group.  

Among her notable projects, NMC Consulting worked as the lead consulting firm contracted to design a $7.5 million funded educational micro-finance program in partnership with the Citibank Foundation, KIPP and the UNCF.   

Cofield also worked with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation to write and produce a publication and toolkit: The Pursuit of Entrepreneurship a Guide for Black Entrepreneurs.

“Natalie Madeira Cofield is a force! She truly moved the room during her Business Strategy for Social Entrepreneurship Workshop. Participants left feeling empowered after learning how to “Secure the Bag”. So much invaluable knowledge was gained by everyone in the room. It was beautiful to see how fluidly Natalie was able to answer a question, from an individual, in such a way that each person could become more enlightened and apply the concept in a personal way. Truly a great experience!”  

— Red Bull